Maggie Leyes

Maggie Leyes is VP of content strategy for Life Happens. She has been working in the insurance and financial services industry for more than 15 years.

August 23, 2011

Questions Small-Business Owners Should Answer Today

If I asked you to ballpark the percentage of businesses in the U.S. that are small businesses, what would you say? 25%? 50%? Maybe 75%? The answer is actually astounding: It’s 99.7%, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. And those businesses employ over half of all private-sector employees. Here are some additional statistics that […]

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August 19, 2011

The Best So Far

It’s summer … and August … and a Friday afternoon. The perfect time to take a bit of a break. We here at The Insurance Word blog are looking forward to an early escape (shhhh!). Perhaps I’ll take a dip in the pool later on, then do some casual browsing on the iPad. That’s where […]

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August 10, 2011

Money—Ours, Yours, Mine

Money has been on everyone’s minds lately. The debt-ceiling crisis being pushed to the 11th hour had everyone on pins and needles. Add to that Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the U.S. credit rating, the stock market rollercoaster ride … and it just keeps getting more and more complex. I was looking around to see […]

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August 2, 2011

Kids Should Be Going to School, Not Punching a Clock

It’s August, so just about everywhere you look there are ads for back-to-school sales. It’s wistful for me. I loved going to school, and especially liked stocking up on schools supplies. Nothing like the smell of newly sharpened #2s. (Do kids even have to bring those to school anymore?) But because of the LIFE Foundation’s […]

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July 19, 2011

Elite Schools (and their high tuition) Overrated? Yep!

Parents certainly don’t want to deprive their children of the chance to succeed. This feeling, this urge seems especially acute in this day and age of economic struggle, with the middle class being squeezed into oblivion. As August approaches, a number of my parental peers are facing big college tuition bills for their children, some […]

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