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Be Ready for Your Life to Change: Now Accepting Scholarship Applications

At the age of 19, I lost my mother to cancer. Because she had no life insurance, I experienced many financial hardships and found myself in desperate need of college funding. That’s when I came across the LIFE Lessons Scholarship Program and applied. From the moment I was awarded the $7,500 scholarship last year, my life had made a complete turn, and I’ve been sent on an impeccable journey I never thought possible.

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Retirement: A Ticking Time Bomb for Independent Workers

If you ask self-employed workers about retirement savings, a shocking number will give exactly the same answer, ‘What retirement savings?’ This is a major problem, not only for the self-employed, but for the United States as a whole. With more and more people without regular jobs and the benefits that come with them, the article says that our nation faces a ticking retirement time bomb. Here’s why.

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