The Importance of a “Self-Completing” College Fund Program

If you earn 5% per year on your investments, you will need to save $739 per month to meet your goal, but what if something happens to you along the way? Do you have a self-completing college fund program? Did you know you could buy $250,000 of 20-year level term insurance for less than $20 per month?

A Father’s Day Gift for the Whole Family

If it’s been some time since you and your husband had the “life insurance talk,” then let Father’s Day serve as the incentive to sit down and do the numbers. Use the following scenarios as a starting point to evaluate the type and amount of coverage your husband currently carries and consider if it’s enough.

The Reality of the “New” Retirement

What the survey points out is that pre- and post-retirees continue to need professional advice to make appropriate decisions. Prior to age 65, this means understanding the needs for disability insurance, life insurance and long-term care insurance. After 65, most disability insurance is no longer available, but the need for life insurance to replace lost income continues, as does the need to plan for health care for debilitating illnesses, illnesses which may require care in the home or in a facility.

The Real Cost of Being Uninsured

it can be challenging to find the money to insure against a possible future event when you’re facing real expenses or dealing with an insufficient income right now. It can be tempting to metaphorically cross your fingers and hope for the best, putting insurance on the “deal with it later” list. But before you choose that option, you need to know the real cost of being uninsured.

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