5 Financial Tips for Moms

Only 24% of moms are satisfied with their current financial situation and one-quarter admitted they are struggling to make ends meet or are worried about their financial future. However, only one-third of moms currently use the services of a financial professional to help them with their investments and/or insurance needs. These are some startling stats […]

Let’s Tweet the Facts About Life Insurance

In the just-released 2013 Insurance Barometer Study, there are some surprising findings, like the fact that almost one-fifth of people say they would buy life insurance from at a retail outlet. And of course there are some not-so-surprising findings, like the fact that while 85% of people think life insurance is important for most, only 62% have it. You can read more about the study here.

Milk, Laundry Detergent and Life Insurance?

The truth is that while many people say they would drop a life insurance policy in their cart while shopping, it’s a novel concept that hasn’t been tested. The Barometer study showed that most people still prefer to buy face-to-face—to ask an agent questions, to understand the nuances of the product, to get a life insurance plan tailored to their exact needs.

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