Do You Really Expect to Live Off an Inheritance?

According to the global study from HSBC, The Future of Retirement, many working-age people in the U.S. and worldwide are hoping to live off an inheritance after leaving the workforce. The question is, how long can you live on the amount you may receive? What if you end up receiving very little or nothing and have limited or no savings of your own?

14 Weeks to a New Financial You

To get out of debt and to get a point that you have money to invest in your future takes discipline—military discipline, but “Soldier of Finance” makes it manageable by breaking it up into weekly tasks, from discovering where you are, to paying off debt, to getting started in investing. In the “Your Body Armor” chapter, he also gives great advice on the importance of insurance, including life insurance. Plus, each chapter has a “Go/No Go” checklist (love!) and a summary for those who “reading or attention challenged.”

Where Would the Money Come From to Survive a Critical Illness Financially?

Everyone knows that it’s not cheap to be sick. And for those facing a critical illness, mounting medical bills and being out of work can spell a financial crisis as well as a health crisis. It’s always best to understand beforehand where money might come from to help you and your family deal with something […]

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