A Push From the Heart

Greg and Melissa Knoll were college sweethearts and got married shortly after graduation. Young and active, they were excited about the possibilities the future held and happy to be sharing the journey. While in their mid-20s, they began making that future concrete by buying a home and planning a family. They realized it would be a smart idea to talk to their insurance agent. It’s a good thing they did, as life had an unexpected path for them to take.

Melissa tells her own story much better than I could, so please watch.

[flv:/flash/flv/Knoll_Melissa.flv 500 281]

Whenever I watch this video, I think of the great sadness that must have enveloped their family. It’s hard not to cry. But I also think of Melissa’s words and wonder if it’s a small silver lining: “I hope a young couple sees our message and it pushes them from the heart to make a decision that is going to take care of their family.” I hope so, too.

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