Maggie Leyes

Maggie Leyes is VP of content strategy for Life Happens. She has been working in the insurance and financial services industry for more than 15 years.

February 5, 2011

Real Life

One of the best things that the LIFE Foundation offers, in my opinion, is its realLIFEstories. These are not ads or commercials; they do not use actors pretending to be someone else; they don’t portray some idealized situation. Instead, realLIFEstories carefully tell often heart-wrenching stories of how people’s lives, and the lives of their families, […]

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December 31, 2010

Words of Wisdom

Here are some “good reads” from The Insurance Word blog over the past year. Happy Holidays to all—and best wishes for health and happiness in the new year! Long-Term Care—A Personal Story What Happens When the Money Is Yours to Take Are You Bent on Doing Things the Hard Way? How Much Is Enough? Here’s […]

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December 27, 2010

Give the Gift of Education

The holidays signal a time of relaxation and enjoyment with friends and family. It is also a time when our thoughts turn to those less fortunate than we or who are suffering through hardship. Experiencing the loss of a parent has repercussions within a child’s life that most of us cannot begin to fathom. Often […]

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December 17, 2010

Fair and Balanced

We can spend a lot of ink in this blog correcting misinformation that appears in the popular press about life insurance, why it’s important and who needs it. So it’s refreshing to be able to link to an article that provides a load of great information for navigating a topic that can, admittedly, be complex. […]

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