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At the age of 19, I lost my mother to cancer. Because she had no life insurance, I experienced many financial hardships and found myself in desperate need of college funding.Melina

That’s when I came across the LIFE Lessons Scholarship Program and applied. From the moment I was awarded the $7,500 scholarship last year, my life had made a complete turn, and I’ve been sent on an impeccable journey I never thought possible.

I never understood the importance of life insurance until I lost my mother. This whole journey has made me realize how important life insurance is, for my life surely would have turned out differently had there been life insurance.

Part of the scholarship application process is to tell your story—how your life was affected because your parent had little or no life insurance. Before, telling my story was very difficult. Winning the scholarship has allowed me to broaden that perspective. Now, telling my story is a pleasure because I know it will help other families avoid what happened to mine.

In addition to the video that features my story, I’ve been invited to speak to large audiences nationally and internationally. This experience has also opened doors for me career-wise as well, for I, too, have become a part of the life insurance industry by becoming a motivational speaker and landing an internship with New York Life.

My experience with the LIFE Lessons Scholarship Program was the best thing to ever happen to me. Sometimes we just need one person to believe in us, and the rest will take its course. I’ve been able to go to school with peace of mind, as I begin to pick up the pieces of my life.

I encourage others who are in my situation to apply for one of these scholarships. If you’ve lost a parent who had little or no life insurance and you’re looking for financial help to get a college education, be sure to click on this link and fill out the application—you can do it either in writing or via video. It took me three tries at applying before I was awarded the scholarship, so keep at it!

Keep in mind that wherever your life takes you, it’s your experiences that make the stories of your life. Opportunity is different for everyone, but we all have to start somewhere. I understand the difficulty in sharing your story of loss; but believe me when I say there is nothing more rewarding than the moment you realize your life is about to change.

Melina Ahmadpour

by Melina Ahmadpour

Melina Ahmadpour is a college student attending Cerritos College in California, majoring in international studies. In 2013, she was awarded a LIFE Lessons Scholarship, which helped her attend college. The importance of life insurance and the agents who provide this valuable product cannot be understated. Melina hopes to continue to share this message to help motivate the men and women in the insurance industry and hopefully save other families from the hardships she has had to endure when her mother died with no life insurance.

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