Calling All Moms (and Dads) to the Life Insurance Movement

When you find out you’re going to have a baby, there are a million things you start thinking about, from seeing your first picture of him on the ultrasound, to planning what color scheme you want for his room. What you don’t think about is life insurance. At least I didn’t.

But once the first blush of pregnancy wears off, you most certainly start thinking about “the future.” I quickly found out that I couldn’t get life insurance coverage while pregnant (gulp!), but my husband certainly got his policy squared away.

Then that beautiful bundle of baby came, and one of the first things I did (once the sleep deprivation wore off enough that I could read a contract) was get a policy.

Then, life went on.

Several years passed and I learned just how expensive it is to raise a child and how it only gets more expensive as the years go on, not to mention college in some far-flung future (although it is hard to think “campus and textbooks” while changing diapers). And then I had the occasion to watch this LIFE Lessons video about Tracy Basden.

I had seen it before. But as I watched it again, now as a more experienced mother, I felt a pit in my stomach. I never, ever, EVER, wanted my son to go through anything remotely resembling the struggles that Tracy and her brother have endured.

I don’t think I’ll die prematurely, but how the heck do I know if that’s true or just wishful thinking. The point is I don’t. As soon as that video ended, I picked up the phone and called my agent. We put even more life insurance in place. I wanted—and want—to make sure that if something were to happen to me, my husband could focus on raising our son, which would be hard enough without a wife and mother, without it being made infinitely more difficult with financial worries. I want to make sure my son has a bright future, whatever he chooses to do.

When the bill for my premium comes, I write it out that very instant and do it happily, knowing that my coverage is there … just in case.

And whenever I talk to a mom–a new or not so new one–who is waffling about whether or not to buy life insurance, like Jenna, I send off a link to Tracy’s story.

Today the blogosphere is celebrating the Life Insurance Movement. You can join by spreading the word through your blog, Facebook, Twitter—even by picking up the phone. Plus there are GREAT prizes to be won for those who do—it’s simple to enter. Check it out here. And even more importantly, you can celebrate by getting the life insurance coverage you need.

  1. I’m with you. My favorite bills to pay are our life insurance premiums. It’s a priceless feeling to know that my family will be all set financially if I die too young.

    Thanks for sponsoring the movement!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. The first thing we did when we were expecting our fist child was to get our life insurance plan in place. My wife’s father grew up in an orphanage because his father passed away with no life insurance to leave the family. They had to split up the kids and he went grew up in an orphanage. The peace of mid life insurance provides is well worth the cost, and the thought of the possibility of your family going without the basic essentials because you didn’t take the time to purchase life insurance just isn’t an option these days, because so many are without work and just getting by, why would anyone leave their family in financial hardship?

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