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When Life Happened, Insurance Was There

Almost exactly two years ago, “life happened” to me in a more sudden and dramatic way than I ever could have imagined possible. Even now, looking back, I can’t believe the circumstances that suddenly came crashing down around me at the same time, creating a perfect storm of emotional, physical and financial vulnerability that threatened […]

Six Things You Need to Know About Protecting Your Paycheck

While most of us understand the need to insure our cars and homes, many do not consider insuring what pays for those things… our paychecks. It is crucial to understand the importance of properly insuring your paycheck with disability insurance. Here are answers to six of people’s most pressing disability insurance questions: 1. Where does […]

4 Reasons Not to Rely on a (Broken) Government Program

What would happen to you financially if you were injured or got sick and were unable to work? Your answer might be, “Well, there’s a government disability program. I’m not really sure what it’s called, but I know it’s there as a backup if I need it.” Are you sure? First, let’s cross Workers’ Compensation […]

Got Your Head in the Sand When It Comes to a Disability?

Workers starting out today are projected to have about a three in 10 chance of experiencing a long-term disability during their working years. Yet, despite such daunting odds, nearly 70% of America’s workforce has no private disability insurance. In conducting a recently released consumer research project entitled “The Disability Divide,” the Council for Disability Awareness […]

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