How Romantic (or Unromantic) Are You?

So you think you’re romantic, huh? Don’t we all? But have you ever tested yourself to find out how romantic (or unromantic) you are? Probably not. But with Valentine’s Day just a few days away, it makes sense, doesn’t it, to find out what your score might be. Are you a Heartthrob? Suave? Dreamy? Or perhaps Clueless? LIFE has developed this fun Romance-O-Meter quiz for you to find out. Try it now.

You may be wondering, however, what has love and romance got to do with The Insurance Word blog? Well, when you think about life insurance, there is really only one main reason that you buy it—because you love someone. You want your loved ones to know that you care so much that you’ve made plans to provide for their well-being even after you’re gone.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to think about the unconventional gift of life insurance. Did you know that 83 percent of Americans believe that purchasing life insurance is a way to express their love? That means that chances are high your gift will be appreciated.

Not sure how to deliver the present of life insurance? Then watch the couple in the video You Do It for Love.

Good luck on the quiz—and wishing you much love on Valentine’s Day.

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