In an Instant—Washed Away

Watching the news about events happening in Japan has been disturbing. The damage left by the earthquakes in Japan, as well as the utterly unbelievable images of the tsunami literally sweeping entire cities and villages away in an instant—these events present lasting mental images to me. Homes, cars and people also were literally washed away in an instant. The damage and destruction will take years to clean up and rebuild. Some people may never recover.

Close your eyes for just a moment and transform that mental image from the tsunami/earthquake damage to an image of what happens to a family or a business when the breadwinner dies unexpectedly or becomes disabled. A family or business sees the very foundation of itself washed out by a sudden death or a lingering disability. Where stable ground once existed, now there is a gaping hole. The breadwinner is either “gone,” or the foundation of family (income) is so damaged that the household and its contents now sit upon a very shaky layer of mounting debt, tension, and emotional and financial instability.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Life insurance and disability insurance can magically and instantly help replace a washed out financial foundation or be “reinforcement” for surviving family members and key business associates. Money certainly can never solve the emotional issues associated with premature death or disability, but it can buy time and stability for those left to deal with a “washed away” foundation.

The events in Japan remind me of the devastation Americans have experienced in our own country, like the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. My heart aches for those Japanese citizens who are in a complete daze and whose dreams, futures and memories have literally been washed away.

While earthquakes and tsunamis can happen, often with catastrophic results, the much more likely scenario is the sudden death or disability of a loved one right here. Be sure that you have adequate amounts of life and disability insurance so you and your family won’t run the risk of your financial foundation being washed away.

(If you would like to help the victims of this disaster, click here.)

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