Let’s Tweet the Facts About Disability Insurance

Let’s get to the point. If you have a job and depend on that income to pay for all of life’s necessities, you need disability insurance. Sounds straightforward, right? But when only about a third of working Americans have this important coverage, there is definitely room for clearing up some misconceptions.

Here are 10 facts about disability insurance that may surprise you. We’ve made them “tweetable” so you can share: Simply click on the fact you’d like to tweet and the tweet will be generated for you. And be sure to follow us on Twitter at @LIFE_Foundation.

75 percent of us would worry about $ if we became disabled, but only 31 percent of workers have disability insurance http://bit.ly/sJIkv4

(Source: LIFE and LIMRA “Insurance Barometer Study,” 2012)

1 in 4 workers would have financial trouble “immediately” following a disability that kept them out of work. http://bit.ly/sJIkv4

(Source: The Disability Survey conducted by Kelton Reseach on behalf of the LIFE Foundation, April 2012)

31 percent of workers own long-term disability insurance. What will the rest do if injury/illness keeps them from work? http://bit.ly/sJIkv4

(Source: LIFE and LIMRA “Insurance Barometer Study,” 2012)

You have a 3 in 10 chance of suffering a long-term disability that stops you from working. What’s your plan? http://bit.ly/sJIkv4

(Source: The Real Risk of Disability in the United States, Milliman Inc., on behalf of the LIFE Foundation, May 2007)

50 percent of working Americans say they need disability insurance, yet the risk of suffering a disability is 3 in 10. http://bit.ly/sJIkv4

(Source: LIFE and LIMRA “Insurance Barometer Study,” 2012)

When is the best time to buy disability insurance? The moment you start earning a paycheck. http://bit.ly/sJIkv4

$1,125 = average monthly disability payment from Social Security. That’s poverty-level living. Protect yourself: http://bit.ly/sJIkv4

(Source: Social Security Administration)

Illness, not accidents, cause 90 percent of disabilities. We all get sick. All workers need disability insurance. http://bit.ly/sJIkv4

(Source: Council for Disability Awareness, Long-Term Disability Claims Review, 2010)

A 25 y/o earning $50,000/year could lose $3.8M in future earnings if they became permanently disabled. How about you? http://bit.ly/waqTUS

What’s your most valuable asset? Your home? Car? Nope, it’s your paycheck. Protect it with disability insurance. http://bit.ly/sJIkv4

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