Let’s Tweet the Facts About Life Insurance

For the last three years, the LIFE Foundation and LIMRA have been checking the pulse of the American people and their attitudes on life insurance, disability insurance and retirement. In the just-released 2013 Insurance Barometer Study, there are some surprising findings, like the fact that almost one-fifth of people say they would buy life insurance from at a retail outlet. You can read LIFE CEO Marv Feldman’s views on why this may be an interesting change for the industry. And of course there are some not-so-surprising findings, like the fact that while 85% of people think life insurance is important for most, only 62% have it. You can read more about the study here.

Below are some life insurance facts from the study that are “tweetable,” meaning you can share them simply by clicking on the fact you’d like to tweet and the tweet will be generated for you. And be sure to follow us on Twitter at @LIFE_Foundation.

Nearly 20% consumers would buy #lifeinsurance from a superstore; almost 25% would buy online: http://lifehap.pn/17s4y2Y #LIFEstats

Those willing to buy #lifeinsurance at a superstore cite “reasonable cost” and “simple process” http://lifehap.pn/17s4y2Y #LIFEstats

Despite shift to online buying, study shows most prefer buying #lifeinsurance face-to-face. http://lifehap.pn/17s4y2Y #LIFEstats

Top 3 reasons for owning #lifeinsurance: final expenses, replacing lost wages, leaving an inheritance: http://lifehap.pn/17s4y2Y #LIFEstats

1/3 of consumers think they don’t have enough #lifeinsurance, new study finds. http://lifehap.pn/17s4y2Y #LIFEstats

85% say most people need #lifeinsurance, but only 62% say they have it. http://lifehap.pn/17s4y2Y #LIFEstats

25% consumers who own #lifeinsurance don’t think they have enough coverage: http://lifehap.pn/17s4y2Y #LIFEstats

Consumers more likely to shop for #lifeinsurance during/after major life events, says new study http://lifehap.pn/17s4y2Y #LIFEstats

Loss of a relative/close friend makes people more concerned about their own families’ futures: http://lifehap.pn/17s4y2Y #LIFEstats

Those w/o #lifeinsurance are more concerned about everyday expenses than those who have it: http://lifehap.pn/17s4y2Y #LIFEstats

  1. Hi Maggie,
    Thanks for that. I’d love to know more about the study that found that most still prefer to buy insurance face-to-face. Did the study find different attitudes in different age groups?

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