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One of the best things that the LIFE Foundation offers, in my opinion, is its realLIFEstories. These are not ads or commercials; they do not use actors pretending to be someone else; they don’t portray some idealized situation. Instead, realLIFEstories carefully tell often heart-wrenching stories of how people’s lives, and the lives of their families, were impacted by death, disability or illness, and how insurance helped them see their way through those difficult times.

One recent video stays with me. John Butcher lost his wife and 6-year-old Tre his mom when she collapsed and died one evening of an undiagnosed heart condition. It was a line that John said—a very simple line—that hit home for me: “The day after Kara died, I went to dress Tre, but realized I had no idea where any of his clothes were. Kara took care of all of that.” This very ordinary, daily event reveled the extent of change that was going to take place in their home.

Kara had bought life insurance at work, and it was that life insurance that allowed John and Tre to move through their grief and the change that was facing them without having to worry about money and making ends meet.

These powerful stories help others understand what insurance really does.

Those who are agents and advisors reading this blog can submit stories of their own to LIFE’s realLIFEstories Client Service Awards Program, which demonstrate how the insurance they helped a family purchase made a difference in a time of need. Find out more here.

But whether agent, advisor or “layperson” like me, take a moment to watch John’s story here and think about how that would translate into your own life.

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