Top Secret … Millennials … and Love

While we hope you read all of our blog posts each week, we know in a busy world that doesn’t always happen, so here are a few of our most popular posts so far this year. Take a gander:

Top secret

Can someone buy a secret life insurance policy on you? The answer is maybe, but not likely, as “it has become a standard practice to give a follow-up phone call to the person being insured from the insurer or the agent to verify the authenticity of the application and to validate both his or her income and the need for buying a particular insurance policy.” To find out when it might be possible, click here.


2 in 3 Millennials intend to retire by age 65, but approximately 70% have not started saving for retirement.

It seems like Millennials may be poking their heads out of the proverbial sand to get their finances in order and to check out if getting life insurance makes sense. Top posts include:

5 financial mistakes Millennials make and 6 reasons Millennials should consider life insurance.

What’s love got to do with it?

Well love and life insurance are actually very closely tied. And this blog posts shows us how: Life insurance: a love letter.

Enjoy our recap and let us know if you think these are top posts as well.

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